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The OWBN Hour of Power Continues!

Hey kids! Do you like awesomeness?

Then prepare for a double barreled shot of that thing I just said!

There has been many  episodes of the OWBN Hour of Power since my last message, including a pre-NOLA Episode 28 titled "Paul Walker: A Truckload of DPS" and a post NOLA recap Episode 29 titled "Legionary Titus Pullo! Harken to this tale of my character!"







Anyway, you know you want to listen, so go do it. :)

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The OWBN Hour of Power -- Episode 26


Okay, so this took longer then we thought, but we have at last returned to you with the stripped down 'unplugged' equivalent of the OWBN Hour of Power. Behold the majesty of Episode 26 -- "The Year of Fail".

Witness as your two hosts (Dave and Joseph)  and long suffering producer (Jason) pontificate on the failure of global metaplot, stupid NPC uses, people who whine about Archons, and the unexpected joy of playing meth-addled Sabbat with 4 teeth. Pretty much in that order.

Also, make note of the challenge laid before us by Shane DeFreest! Do you want Dave to have a megaphone? You know you do...listen to learn more...



We promise another episode soon. You could say we have a topic already burning a hole in our pocket.

The OWBN Hour of Power Team

Black Market

Hey all, there used to be a list that existed as a Black Market for characters in OWBN. It went defunct some time ago and I started a new one.
I do not believe that I really advertised it and I feel kind of bad about that, since a few people that I've mentioned it to thought it was a good idea and expressed interest, so I thought I'd spread the word.


If I Can Make It There...(NYC LARP Games?)

So amidst the snow and piles of frozen trash, there have to be a few OWBN licks running around New York City...or at least in the general area...help me find a LARP without resorting to Meetup or ::shudder:: going to the Camarilla!

I don't particularly care about the genre, rules, etc...or even if it's a owbn game...but some help in finding my fellow OWBNers (or any other just generally cool peeps) would be really awesome.

I promise to bring Cheetos and Mountain Dew to our first play dates.  My mom even made us cookies.

Feel free to email me at: jacoblsugar@gmail.com

About me: My name is Sugar.  Yes, that is my actual name.  I am a OWBN Throw-Back from the Midatlantic who is now in the Big Apple.  I played Caliban, the Nosferatu and The Illustrious Paul El Santiago, the Toreador Anarch.  In my spare time, I do things like educate emo kids about Lords of the Underground, pimp noobs to my growing list of clients in WOW[1] and write bad poetry.

Anyone who is awesome should totally drop me a line.  I can also bring chips and dip, if that is what you prefer. 

[1] I do not actually play WOW.  I do, however, stand outside of the gaming stores on release dates and jack the kids for their expansion money.
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The OWBN Hour of Power Episode 24 -- Shane DeFreest is a Terminator

Friends! Romans! People who are in no way Roman! Episode 24 of the one and only OWBN Hour of Power is upon you! GAZE UPON OUR MAGNIFICENCE AND DESPAIR (or laugh, whatever you are feeling really).


Our lineup is in 'classic formation' with just myself (Joseph Schuster), Frosty, and Joel this time around. Download our succulent MP3 to uncover secrets such as:


*Are we still hung over from NOLA? How awesome was Grand Masquerade (hint - it was really awesome)? Is Shane secretly a robot built only to party?


*It is coordinator election season, and as you might have already noticed, one of your (sober) hosts is running for Brujah Coord! Does he want to give thaum to everyone? Listen and find out!


*Lastly -- Susanville. Sounds like a lovely place does it not? Well, don't expect to play a OWBN game there anytime soon. Apparently the one that was there wasn't...real. Seriously. You have to hear it to believe it.


Laugh! Cry! Dance to JMFR's latest indie rock selections! Most importantly, download the podcast at our talkshoe page (and nab any episodes you might have missed:


OR follow us on Facebook:


OR, you can tag along with us on twitter at:


 Heck, do all three! Comment, send your topic ideas, or call us names. Well, call Joel names. I am pretty sure he deserves it.

The OWBN Hour of Power Team/Armed Mob

red coffee

Red and Gold Victorian Bustle Dress For Sale

Selling a Victorian Dress: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270610167376&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

Made for a masquerade ball and worn only once.

Waist: 29
Bust: 35
Hip 32.5
Armhole: 19.75
Length of Center Front: 15

Overskirt Waist: 29.5

Bustle waist: Adjustable

Inspired by the mid 1880s, I made this ensemble from a cotton-backed sheer sari. It is meant to be worn over a bustle (black cotton twill, included) an does not include the underskirt.